Antonia gave me such a great shake up. I walked into this journey with confidence; but it turns out it was a bit of a false confidence because I knew what direction I wanted to go, but I couldn’t sell it to myself or others. Antonia gave me the tools and encouragement to seek my bigger picture with grace and a strengths-based lens. As a result, I have a renewed path to set my career towards and I will never forget this journey. I rate Antonia as world class in what she does based on her energy, values, knowledge, and vast experience. I have achieved what I didn’t expect to do; to sharpen my focus, become clearer and efficient with my purpose and being able to enact precisely on what I need to do to become the leader I want to be. Antonia gave me the ‘stretch’ I was after; and challenged me in a beautiful way. I loved how she wasn’t afraid to do this and I have benefitted so much as a result of the life-provoking questions she has asked of me.