Useful resources

Be your best so you can succeed today.  

It’s time to champion you. Discovering your strengths helps you understand your best self. You can make the most impact by using your strengths to help you focus your day-to-day attention on things that you know you can perform, gain traction, and influence the world around you.

Here is a list of useful resources to help you continue on with your strengths journey.  You may enjoy browsing through and downloading the ones appropriate for your team. 

Many of these activities are best if run with a CliftonStrengths coach facilitating you to do so, but feel free to try them out yourself, or you can book Antonia in for professional coaching sessions for you and/or workshops for your team. 

You can download the slides from today and I’d love your feedback on the workshop and tools – just click on the buttons below.


Resources for indivdiuals to help you continue your strengths journey

  • List of useful podcasts on ALL 34 talent themes (includes short 1min versions of all 34 talent themes – a “must listen to” for anyone learning the language of strengths!)
  • Introduction to strengths – worksheet for “Name it – Claim it – Aim it-Tame it” for individual talent themes. A helpful tool to work through if you’re wondering how to deepen your knowledge and application of your individual strengths.
  • Sorting your Themes – a one-pager visual activity where you can reflect on where you think you’re currently placing your dominant talent themes.
  • If you think you might ever need to re-take the CliftonStrengths assessment, read this first. (The answer is usually ‘probably not’).  



Resources for Teams and Activities

  • 5C’s of Strengths-Based teams (Common Purpose, Connection, Communication, Collaboration, Celebration). A useful worksheet with questions you can ask in your team/work setting – how can you become more of a strengths-based team, based on these 5C’s?
  • “Best of Us” activity as a team. Grab a flipchart, split it into 4 quadrants with these questions and each indivdiual team member answers the four “Best of Us” questions below.  If you choose to do this as a virtual activity, you can always copy/duplicate my online “Best of Us” template on Miro (make sure you copy/duplicate it, not overwrite it!).  Have some fun filling in your own individual answers to these questions and then debriefing together as a team.
      • You get the BEST of me when…?
      • You get the WORST of me when…?
      • You can COUNT on me to…?
      • This is what I NEED from you…
  • Speed dating using the Power of 2 powerful partnerships framework.
  • Make up your own team activities – take turns in your team for each member to come up with an idea for sharing/building awareness and appreciation of your strengths – it’s amazing the creative and innovative ideas that can happen when you ask people to use their strengths to think of ideas!  I’ve been impressed by stories from clients about what they’ve come up with!