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New to Strengths

Individual Activities

Below are a list of useful resources for individuals getting to know their strengths profiles in more detail.

These resources come from a variety of sources, generously shared as part of the CliftonStrengths coaching community  – the person/source/company name is mentioned on each resource, where applicable. Many of these activities work better if there is a coach guiding you through them, but feel free to try them out for yourself! 

Name it -Claim it - Aim it - Tame it

Use this one-pager with prompting questions to focus on your dominant strengths (usually your top 9-13). Think of this as strengths ‘muscle press-ups’ – the more you exercise these strengths, the stronger they’ll become.


CliftonStrengths - 34 talents cheat sheet

Download this cheat sheet for concise descriptions of all 34 talent themes. It’s an excellent resource for quickly understanding each theme’s unique strengths, helping you to identify and leverage yours, and others talents more effectively.


Bring and Needs

Identify your unique contributions and value-add (BRING) and what energises you the most (NEED). This sheet offers brief Bring-Need descriptions for all 34 talent themes, helping you understand and leverage yours and others strengths effectively.


Helps and Hinders

How might our talent themes help us? How might they hinder us? This slide deck shows the helps and hinders for all 34 talent themes, providing valuable insights to maximise strengths and mitigate challenges.


Responding to Change

How might your talent themes respond to change? How might you accept, support, or resist change? This useful worksheet shows examples of how the 34 talent themes can respond to change.


The 4 Strengths Domains

Worried you might not have all the strengths domains in your dominant talents? Learn about being ‘unbalanced’ in a particular strengths domain and how to embrace and leverage your unique talent mix.


Theme Dynamics

How do your themes blend together? Use this helpful worksheet from Gallup to discover some powerful combinations and understand how your strengths can work together effectively.


Strengths-Based Leadership

How do your talent themes feed the ‘Four Needs of Followers’ (Trust, Stability, Compassion, Hope) from Tom Rath’s Strengths Based Leadership? Learn more in this Strengths Network South Pacific guide.


Retake the CliftonStrengths assessment?

If you’re thinking about retaking the CliftonStrengths assessment , read this blog first.


Balconies and Basements

Learn your Balconies (strengths) and Basements (challenges) for each talent theme.