Discover the Art of Meaningful Team Collaboration

Team Spirit: The Power of Purposeful Gatherings

Unveil the Art of Successful Team Workshops and Away Days

Welcome to “Team Spirit: The Power of Purposeful Gatherings a book that’s set to transform how you think about and conduct team gatherings. This book, crafted with years of insights and experiences, is your ultimate guide to hosting memorable and effective workshops, team away days, and more.

If you’re a team leader or facilitator, or anyone interested in elevating the quality and impact of team gatherings, Team Spirit: The Power of Purposeful Gatherings is a must-read.

For years, the concept of this book has been simmering, capturing the essence of what makes team gatherings not just successful, but extraordinary. After a dedicated year of writing and refining, “Team Spirit: The Power of Purposeful Gatherings” is now in its final draft and will be ready for publication in early 2024.

Delving deep into the strategies, techniques, and philosophies that make team events more than just meetings. It’s about creating moments that matter, connections that last, and experiences that drive forward momentum in any team setting. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or just stepping into the realm of team facilitation, this book offers invaluable insights into crafting compelling agendas that spark engagement and creativity, fostering a culture of collaboration and open communication, using space and environment to enhance the gathering experience and implementing practical tips and activities to break the ice and build team spirit!

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“best workshop I’ve ever attended!”

I think you’re an amazing facilitator Antonia, it was probably the best facilitation / workshop I’ve ever attended. You were really friendly, upbeat, knowledgeable and approachable and helped to create a really nice vibe in the room. It was a great day and one that I think really helped to bring us closer as a team, and it certainly helped me to understand myself a bit better today.

Daniel McCabe, Commerce Commission

“gets the best out of everyone”

Antonia is a fantastic facilitator and really gets the best out of everyone. I have had a few workshops where she has facilitated and feel energized and have a better understanding on how to use my strengths and the value others can bring, she really helps get into what we want as a branch and leads in an upbeat manner that gives the right energy.

Freya, Business Advisor, MBIE