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Ignite your potential

Remote, In-person, Workshops & Programmes 

1-on-1 Coaching: personalised & strengths-based to define your goals & action plan.
Team Coaching: Coaching for increased wellbeing & higher engagement.
Executive Coaching: Leadership training & refining your path to success.

You’re in the driver’s seat…

I’m someone you can springboard ideas off and who can provide you with useful tools and strategies to help get you to where you want to be.

Why work with me?

Others describe me as having ‘infectious enthusiasm’ for life in general – it’s pretty contagious actually!

My mission is to ignite potential in others and help them make a more positive impact in the work they do.

I ‘get’ your context.  I may have even walked in your shoes.  I empathise with the challenges, opportunities and changes you’re facing in the rapidly changing world we’re living in.  I provide support, encouragement and challenge (as much as you want – let me know where you’re at on the ‘stretch’ scale when we start our relationship).

I help others ‘walk the talk’.  It’s all very well having a great vision, or strategy – but unless you can implement it well, it’s just another thing on a bookshelf somewhere.

I speak action.

{One of many helpful points I took away from Antonia’s sessions was that if we are comfortable to share our Clifton strengths with each other at work you can get a good steer of where your colleagues are coming from and connect even better with them. It's both good empathy and good manners.
{Antonia is perfect for the job - you just want to keep hold of all the wisdom and knowledge she shares about strengths during your time together!
Policy Advisor, MBIE
{Antonia is a fantastic facilitator and really gets the best out of everyone. I have had a few workshops where she has facilitated and feel energized and have a better understanding of how to use my strengths and the value others can bring, she really helps me get into what we want as a branch and leads in an upbeat manner that gives the right energy.
Business Advisor, MBIE
{Antonia designed an excellent workshop that met our needs very well. It was well-paced and the activities really energised the team. A particular strength was her ability to pick up on what we were saying, modelling how our strengths were coming into play. A very engaging workshop that we are now building on in-house.
Senior Consultant, FrankAdvice
{Antonia facilitates with skill and great genuineness because she loves what she does. She meets teams where they're at and tailors her approach to what they need.
Principal Consultant, FrankAdvice
{Antonia was very professional and knowledgeable, really enjoyed the coaching session
Director, Tatua
{Great energy, enthusiasm and positivity - she sets even the most introverted people at ease.
Manager Engagement and Operations, Commerce Commission
{Fantastic job of changing the format of a face-to-face meeting to virtual, at incredibly short notice, and really good engagement with the delegates and encouraging participation.
Senior Investigator, Commerce Commission
{Antonia did a fantastic job running our away day in trying circumstances (COVID having cancelled our in-person meet up). The day was efficient, useful and all the tools and software used worked very well. I was impressed with how smoothly it ran.
Senior Research & Intelligence Analyst, Commerce Commission
{Antonia is an engaging, high-energy and fun facilitator. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Antonia for your next team planning day.
Senior Research & Intelligence Analyst, Commerce Commission
{I think the way the virtual tools worked really made this. Those that worked at short notice to get it up and running should be commended. Loved the whiteboard and breakout rooms, and the way the quiz was played was unique. Will definitely look to as an option for future meetings.
Principal Investigator, Commerce Commission
{It’s been a pleasure having Antonia as my coach. Her energy is uplifting, her style is personable and her skills and expertise are amazing! With Antonia’s guidance, I’ve been able to identify my strengths and understand how I’m wired. It’s helped me focus on the skills I want to refine as part of my professional development. I’d highly recommend Antonia if you’re looking for someone who is not only a qualified coach with great insights but who genuinely cares about your aspirations as a client.
Senior Stakeholder Advisor, MBIE

Coaching and facilitation services

Strengths-based coaching and facilitation to support individuals and teams to thrive and direct their unique talents.

Professional coaching

Strengths-based coaching for individuals and teams for improved wellbeing, higher engagement in teams, increased productivity and & collaborative team relationships.

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Workshop facilitation

Facilitating team away days, designed to fit your goals and outcomes. Creating a deeper sense of purpose, belonging and motivation to do their best work.

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Programme management

Coaching and training support for programme or change managers who are new to these roles in the public sector, equipping them to become awesome programme managers

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Consultancy services

Developing Vision, Purpose and Mission for organisations to help develop vision, mission and purpose collateral that not only looks good but can actually walk the talk.

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