Coaching and Facilitation

New to Strengths

A few useful tools to help you start on your journey of discovering your strengths.

CliftonStrengths assessment

Drop me an email and I’ll send you through some instructions and a unique CliftonStrengths online assessment link for you to complete.

Your Strengths Power Pack

Congrats – you’ve now completed your strengths assessment and have received a Strengths Power Pack from Antonia.  Are you wondering where to start with navigating all this information?! The pack is full of useful one-pagers of your profile. It’s best to print all these attachments in colour, double-sided and then keep your Strengths Power Pack handy in a folder with you as you’ll probably want to refer to it lots.      

Here are a couple of useful (and short!) videos for you to watch if you get the chance before we have our 1:1 coaching debrief together:

Awareness - Appreciation - Application

Use this one-pager with prompting questions to focus on your dominant strengths. Think of these as strengths ‘muscle press-ups’ – the more you exercise these strengths, the stronger they’ll become.


Useful podcasts

Explore this list of podcasts and 1-minute video clips for each of the 34 talent themes, helping you build awareness and appreciation of your dominant strengths.


Strengths Introduction

An ‘intro to strengths’ slide pack, illustrating some context, background and stats on CliftonStrengths. Discover how these ‘muscle press-ups’ can boost productivity and engagement, both for individuals and teams.



Visualise your strengtghs

One of the best ways to get to know your strengths is to visualise them everywhere!  Display your Name Tent proudly on your desk, or create some virtual screensavers on your computer!  Seeing them frequently helps you tune in.