What are high performance teams?

What makes a team a truly magical one to work in? High-performing teams don’t just happen by accident. There’s some pieces of the puzzle worth knowing about to consistently achieve great performance and healthy culture as a team. And it’s more than just having the ‘right people’ working on the ‘right things’.

“A strengths-based team is an interdependent group of imperfect but talented contributors valued for their strengths, who need one another to realise individual and team excellence.”

– Gallup

Strengths-based teams focus on the talents of each and every individual. Some of the best leaders I know ensure that they create these foundation “building blocks” to allow the entire group to perform at their best. These building blocks? The 5 C’s of Strengths-Based Teams.

What are these building blocks?

Common Purpose

Do you have a clear and compelling ‘why’ as a team? Does everyone in the team know what this is and are they able to articulate it clearly to others? Clearly knowing your ‘why’ as a team is what will make you fly versus sink. One of my favourite videos about the ‘power of why’ is from Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle here.

Connection is the glue that holds teams together.  Have you thought about how you best stay connected with others in your team?  What rhythms, rituals, or routines do you have as a team to stay connected with one another?

What’s your communication structure and style as a team?  How do you ensure that the right information gets to the right people?  How do you share progress of what’s going on with those that need to hear it?

Are you aware of powerful partnerships in your team (especially in view of your strengths?) How can you best leverage off these partnerships?  Where you are weak, who is strong?

Celebration isn’t all about having swish awards ceremonies.  How do you like to be recognised as an individual?  How do team members know when they’ve achieved success?

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