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Cancellation Policy for Antonia Milkop Coaching & Facilitation

Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions can be rescheduled by either the coachee or the coach with 48 hours’ notice. If scheduled appointments are cancelled with less than 48 hours prior notice, a cancellation fee of $100 or a forfeit of the coaching session together.

If you are unwell or symptomatic, please do not come to your coaching session. We are happy to reschedule your appointment or conduct the coaching session via Zoom (if you are well enough, or postpone to an alternative date if you are feeling sick).


If in-person events are cancelled due to any Public Health restrictions (e.g. participants having to self-isolate), which limits our ability to meet in-person, we will pivot these sessions to either fully go online or hybrid the people in (if the appropriate technology exists at the venue).  

For full-online events, we will adjust the schedule accordingly (e.g., for a 3-hr workshop, this will be facilitated as two 1.5hr Zoom workshops, with a short break in between). You may like to read about what other clients have said about Antonia’s style of virtual delivery.

No refunds will be available for in-person workshops cancelled due to a client’s personal discretion. If Antonia is unwell or having to self-isolate due to Covid/being symptomatic, then options are to postpone our session or pivot to virtual.

Covid-19 Policy

Antonia Milkop will continue to deliver in-person coaching sessions and workshops wherever possible and follow the Public Health measures. Below are my practice guidelines under the current Covid-19 setting to ensure we follow guidelines and keep our community safe:

  • Please only attend coaching sessions and in-person workshops if you are symptom-free. Stay home if unwell.  
  • Please let us know of cancellations as soon as possible (see Cancellation Policy above).

Virtual options (in the case of participants needing to self-isolate and/any in-person gathering restrictions)

  • I am here to support you by providing a safe environment. All programs are tailored to you and your team and can be achieved virtually or in the office.  
  • If you are not comfortable attending in-person events or are unable to do so (due to any new Public Health restrictions), I will pivot delivery online as I believe in ‘continuing’ rather than postponing progress on achieving your goals. See my website for more information on ‘in-person vs. virtual’ gatherings and a helpful blog on ‘how to adapt to virtual’. 

On a cheerier note, we’ve got this New Zealand!  

Kia kaha, Kia māia, Kia manawanui.  Be strong, be brave, be steadfast.

{Antonia has made me a better manager and person. Being able to understand my strengths (and weaknesses) and when to lean in to use them for my advantage more, whether for work or personally, has been so beneficial to me and those around me. I would highly recommend working with her and I've mentioned to friends on more than one occasion to at the very least do their Clifton Strengths.
Senior Policy Analyst, Ministry of Education
{We all haven't stopped raving about you, Antonia!  Such a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, and the positive impacts on our team's level of connection and engagement with the strengths framework has persisted well beyond the day
Senior Policy Analyst, Ministry of Education
{This is the second team I have workshoped strengths with Antonia and it was great. Antonia's knowledge and enthusiasm are infectious and her ability to tailor the workshop for the team is impressive.
Senior Policy Analyst, Ministry of Education
{Antonia was so approachable and open, I felt immediately comfortable with her. Best presenter of this type of training I've come across.
Senior Policy Analyst, Ministry of Education
{We are so fortunate that you have a really good understanding of how MBIE operates and you have worked in the group with the leaders. The team trust you and listen to your advice, this definitely enables deeper and more meaningful conversations so thank you.
Donna Ross
Director Group Operations, Te Waka Pūtahitanga Leadership Team, MBIE
{Thank you Antonia. Being part of both workshops has been amazing. Learn a lot about myself and what I need to improve on to be a better person so I can contribute more to helping others.
Advisor - Executive and Government Relations, Statistics NZ
{Antonia's energy and passion for the possibilities for teams that embrace CliftonStrengths is infectious. CliftonStrengths is one of the first frameworks that I've come across that is committed to being based in evidence and continuously improving which made it very attractive to me. I would highly recommend Antonia and CliftonStrengths for any individual or team trying to figure out how they fit, function and fly!
Secretariat - Governance and Executive, Statistics NZ
{The strengths-based workshops are incredibly enlightening, validating, affirming, insightful, and so much more. I really enjoyed learning more about myself; how I can add more value to others and different situations, as well as learning about the strengths of others to understand more about how they tick and why. Any effective opportunity to become a better human is always necessary and welcome (for me). Antonia is a fabulous facilitator - her warmth and enthusiasm creates a safe and fun environment to learn and grow. I would recommend this to everyone - and if they are lucky enough to get Antonia as their facilitator, they are certainly in for a treat.
Senior Advisor, Statistics NZ
{I think you're an amazing facilitator Antonia, it was probably the best facilitation / workshop I've ever attended. You were really friendly, upbeat, knowledgeable and approachable and helped to create a really nice vibe in the room. It was a great day and one that I think really helped to bring us closer as a team, and it certainly helped me to understand myself a bit better today.
Senior Engagement Advisor, Commerce Commission
{Incredible and engaging facilitator that helped everyone connect with each other.
Senior Training and Promotions Advisor, MBIE
{Antonia - you were amazing. Was such a great energy and such valuable learnings.
Senior Manager - Marketing, Communications & Engagement, Statistics NZ
{Antonia was great, loved the enthusiasm and genuine attitude. It was great to have emotional attributes seen as strengths.
Advisor Marketing, Statistics NZ
{I really enjoyed my five 1:1 coaching sessions with Antonia. She is amazing at asking prompting, thought provoking questions which I absolutely loved. Not only did Antonia ably guide me through a little 'project' that I ended up signing myself up to, she has also equipped me with some helpful tools that I can use in the future. If you are looking to enhance your self-awareness and appreciation of your own unique strengths, I would highly recommend you engage with Antonia!
{Working with Antonia helped me articulate my strengths and how I could use them to pursue a fulfilling career.
Policy Advisor, MBIE
{Antonia facilitated an amazing team day where we all came away feeling really understood, connected, empowered and revitalised.
Senior Advisor Programme Planning and Delivery, MBIE
{Antonia’s a wonderful facilitator and enjoys connecting people through strengths. She clearly loves what she does and her passion for teaching others and sharing her knowledge is awesome.
{Antonia knows her stuff and delivers a really engaging experience. Really valuable for our team.
Senior Advisor, MBIE
{Working through our strengths with Antonia helped my business partner and I understand why we bump shoulders where we do, and how best to structure our work to make the most of our individual strengths. It’s been hugely helpful! As a result we have a clear differentiation of tasks within our business and an appreciation of where our super powers lie.
Senior Advisor, Heft Communications
{The balance of group conversation and smaller breakout room dialogue was really great. The personalised resources supplied in the lead up to the session were exceptional and were incredibly helpful throughout the day. I regularly reflect back on the resources and our team have used them collectively at group meetings several times.
Community Development Manager, Be Collective
{We loved our workshop with Antonia and feel very inspired and empowered. It was such a wonderful thing to do as a team and Antonia was the perfect guide / facilitator, bringing so much wisdom and insight to our assessments and to how we can use our strengths to improve our work and our lives.
Christine Langdon
Chief of Good, The Good Registry
{This is an incredibly useful workshop, facilitated in a way that creates space for the different learning styles and personalities in the room. I learnt a lot and enjoyed the session & recommend it wholeheartedly.
Tracey Bridges
Co-Founder, The Good Registry
{Antonia is wonderful, amazing. She has such insight into people, their strengths, and how to bring out the best in people. Also, her years of experience in organisations means she knows what she's talking about. You'd be lucky to work with Antonia, have her work for you, or have a coaching session - whatever it is, I know she'll add massive value and joy to you and your work and workplace.
Toni Regan
Senior Advisor, Engagement & Operations, Commerce Commission
{I valued the open and informed discussion of my strengths and the insight into developing them.
Grant McIntosh
Product Safety and Consumer Information Standards Manager, Fair Trading Branch
{Really good at being clear around personal experiences and that "all models are wrong but some are useful". I believe CliftonStrengths is a great model to help me identify why I may be feeling a certain way which then helps me get back on track faster.
Nate Tuhaka
Change Consultant, Maven Consulting
{Antonia is an open, creative and engaging coach and facilitator, with clear and obvious interest, experience and knowledge of her strengths-based area of expertise. She is warm and responsive to challenge, and I enjoyed my coaching session and the facilitated group sessions with her.
Stephen Harrison
Lead Consultant, Redvespa
{Absolutely loved the resources and their demonstration, loved the quick tour of tools and techniques. Was delighted to have the opportunity to be there.
Moya Bawden
Lead Consultant, Redvespa
{Absolutely loved the resources and their demonstration, loved the quick tour of tools and techniques. Was delighted to have the opportunity to be there.
Moya Bawden
Lead Consultant, Redvespa
{Antonia is an absolute a treasure. She has a unique and powerful ability to connect and nurture the talents of others in a safe and empowering environment. I would highly recommend Antonia for anyone wanting to become the best version of themselves.
Demi Mitchell
Policy Advisor, Office of the Privacy Commissioner
{I highly recommend Antonia's Virtual Strengths Discovery Workshop. It offers a great introduction to Strengths with interactive activities that really make you think and help embed what you have learnt. I found everything so fascinating and wish the time hadn't passed so fast! The fact that Antonia is also such a lovely, passionate and caring facilitator is an added bonus too. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to continuing on my strengths journey using the excellent post-course resources Antonia provides. Thank you!
Nicole Howarth
Head of Capability, FrankAdvice
{You are amazing Antonia. Thank you for the opportunity to do this. I think the workshop is really good value for money and I'm so pleased I did it.
Jacqui Van Der Kaay
Consultant, Consultant