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Cancellation Policy for Antonia Milkop Coaching & Facilitation

I understand that circumstances change and want to be as flexible as possible. As a sole trader, last minute cancellations affect my ability to manage my schedule and commitments effectively. While I aim to accommodate changes when possible, to ensure fairness and effective scheduling, this cancellation policy outlines the expectations and fees associated with rescheduling or cancelling booked appointments. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Coaching Sessions

I understand that family illness and emergencies happen, but I encourage you not to miss scheduled sessions for other reasons! Coaching sessions can be rescheduled by either the coachee or the coach with 48 hours’ notice. If scheduled appointments are cancelled with less than 48 hours prior notice, a cancellation fee of $100 will apply or forfeiting the coaching session.

Please do not come to a face-to-face coaching session if you are unwell and possibly contagious. I am happy to reschedule your appointment to another time, or conduct the coaching session virtually (if you are well enough, or postpone to an alternative date if you are too sick to meet).

Clients can choose to exit the coaching relationship at any time (no reason has to be given), for example, if the coaching is not working for them, following discussion with the Coach. Refunds are only available for future sessions that have not yet been booked and/or paid for already.

Team Gatherings

Team gatherings are able to rescheduled free-of-charge with at least two weeks prior notice. No refunds will be available for sessions cancelled within two weeks of the workshop date. If illness prevents us going ahead with a scheduled date, then we can discuss to either postpone to another date or pivot to virtual delivery, depending on the circumstances. 

Shifting from in-person to virtual

In the event that Public Health restrictions from the New Zealand government limit our ability to meet in-person, we will pivot team gatherings to be delivered virtually. This approach allows us to continue making progress toward your goals rather than postponing.

For virtual delivery, the schedule will be adjusted accordingly. For example, a 3-hour in-person team gathering may be facilitated as two 1.5-hour Zoom workshops with a short break in between. All programs can be tailored for virtual or in-office environments to provide you with a safe and effective experience.

You can find more information about transitioning from in-person to virtual gatherings, including a helpful blog on How to Adapt to Virtual, on my website.