Coaching and Facilitation

In Person & Remote

In-Person vs Virtual Events

I  understand you. Adaptable and flexible bespoke programs, any time, anywhere. 

All programs tailored to you and your team can be achieved either virtually, or in the office.  Programs are curated to your needs and planned to walk your path of success so you can focus on the big stuff. Let me take care of the rest. Working with me, everything about your program, workshop, or session is handled from planning to execution. You’ll be reigniting passion, establishing a vision, enhancing your workplace culture and purpose whilst learning the strengths of your team, You’ll leave rejuvenated, motivated for success and excited for your next step.



✔ Interactive in person ✔ Interactive online (chatbox, polls, online whiteboards etc.)
✔ Learning tools and approaches ​​✔ Learning tools and approaches
✔ Longer sessions (e.g. full away day) ✔ Shorter sessions, broken down into parts
​​✔ Food ✔ BYO food!
✔ Your location of choice ✔ Zoom
✔ Flipcharts, post-it notes, worksheets for exercises ✔ Online post-it note boards (Miro), Zoom breakout rooms for small group activities
✔ Your usual work attire ✔ Business on top/party on the bottom! Dress in your PJs and Ugg boots, I don’t mind!
✔ Venue and catering costs for client ✔ No venue costs for client.  Each participant will need their own device/laptop.
✔ All participants in person  ✔ All participants logged into their own individual device/laptop

A note of Covid-19 Alert Levels. Depending on NZ’s Covid-19 Alert Level Status, I am a firm believer in ‘continuing on’ rather than postponing progress on achieving your team’s goals.  It’s strengths that pull teams together at times like these. However,  if in-person events are cancelled due to restrictions, we will pivot these to go online (in the case of an away day, redesigning the agenda so that it’s fit-for-purpose and we’re not on screens for a whole day!). 

{Loved my sessions with Antonia! She was amazing. She was a great listener and enabler to help me reflect and have a vision. Very empowering sessions. I felt more courageous and confident at the end. Thank you for the great Mahi you do Antonia.
Evangeline Singh
Research & Data Analyst, MBIE
{I would highly recommend a one on one session. By the end, I was a lot more proud of my strengths and knowledgeable on how I could utilise them to have the most impact. I really like the more casual/conversational tone Antonia provides as it allows the discussion to open up.
Kate Lancaster
Screening & Trends Analyst, Commerce Commission
{Antonia is smart, energetic and full of enthusiasm for strengths. She is very encouraging and supportive. It was a pleasure to be coached by her.
Abi Vink
Coach, StandOut Consulting
{Antonia ran a great taster session for my colleagues and I via Zoom. She facilitated well and gave us all opportunities to share our thoughts and feedback as well as time to converse with our colleagues to allow us to understand the team strengths and the tools we can use to develop these.
Sarah Gray
Community Development Manager, BeCollective
{You're wonderful Antonia - thank you. You bring such insight, compassion, and energy. In an hour I got so much value.
Toni Regan
Senior Advisor, Commerce Commission
{Appreciate Antonia's positivity and passion about the topic, Really knows her stuff, and she made me feel like I could really accomplish anything, Thanks Antonia!
Finn Russell
GovTechTalent Graduate, MBIE
{Antonia was my Team leader for almost a year. I learnt a phrase during my Leadership New Zealand Mana Moana Experience that Leaders can be healers, Antonia is the epitome of this and more. She gets to know you to understand your aspirations, passions, strengths and areas of development. She is genuine and cares about seeing you become empowered to progress in whatever direction you choose to take. She helped me to find my passion again, helped to find my spark and inspired me to find the confidence I had lost, she is a fantastic leader that brings healing to any organisation. Fantastic people skills, relationships skills and communicator. Look forward to seeing her leadership influence impact across this country.
Florence Malama
National Manager, Ministry for Pacific Peoples
{I’ve worked with Antonia in the Strategic Policy team and Service Design policy team at MBIE. I have received strengths-based coaching from Antonia both in a group setting, and informally one-on-one. Antonia is great at helping people become more aware of their strengths and helping them step more into those strengths at work and in life. She’s energising, empowering and always well prepared. She knows the strengths finder framework very well and uses it in a personalised way.
Hannah Griffin
Advisor, MBIE (2020)
{Antonia has an infectious enthusiasm and drive to succeed. Her strengths-based coaching approach has real impact.
Kirsty Flannagan
General Manager, MBIE
{Antonia approaches all parts of life with enthusiasm and genuinely cares about those she works with. She has an impressive understanding of Gallup Strengths and how to use them to get the most our of yourself. I value Antonia’s insight on my tricky problems, and always leave our chats with a positive direction to pursue.
Casey Hamilton Harrison
Engagement & Communications Manager, MBIE
{We had an excellent session going through my Strengths Report which was supported with plenty of resources and suggestions of what to do next. Antonia’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious.
Jane Comben
Senior Design Consultant, Pogo Design
{Antonia has wonderful enthusiasm, experience and skills in Gallup strengths coaching. This has been fabulous as we have developed the IDx team. Through Antonia’s coaching, each of us has become more confident as an individual, and as a team we are more strongly connected and more effective.
Evelyn Wareham
Chief Data & Insights Officer, MBIE
{Antonia brings her sharp insight and fully-fueled passion to her coaching. She cultivates clarity in peoples’ understanding and infectious enthusiasm to activate that understanding into genuine change. Her experience working with a wide variety of people is evident in her effective interpersonal communication and application of her considerable knowledge.
Allister Lane
Minister, St John’s in the City Presbyterian Church
{Antonia facilitated a workshop with some of our managers on “Articulating a clear vision” I came away with good tools to help with managing my team’s work programme. I want to commend Antonia’s preparation in trying to understand the Pacific perspective. Although she isn’t Pacific, I was appreciative of Antonia’s genuine approach and providing a space for us to share our experiences and aspirations.
Theresa Lealofi
Manager Policy Operations, Ministry for Pacific Peoples
{Antonia is an engaging coach and presenter who effectively combines her deep knowledge of her subject matter with her natural intelligence and empathy. The Clifton Strengths workshop that I attended and which was delivered by Antonia was both enlightening and enjoyable.
Jennifer Kennerley
Principal Policy Advisor, MBIE
{I’m a big fan of understanding and working with our strengths. Antonia did a great job of breaking down the Clifton Strengths profiles for us to get meaningful insights as individuals and to provoke constructive conversations about working as a team with different aptitudes. We came away with a common language to describe how we were approaching our work. A fun and helpful workshop!
Catriona Kent
Senior Advisor, MBIE
{They say when the student is ready the teacher appears. No matter how old, bright, knowledgeable or experienced we are, there are times in life when we feel a little directionless or simply too exhausted to take the next step. I was in that phase not long ago and Antonia appeared out of nowhere! Being a Gallup strengths coach, Antonia helped me find my top strengths and understand my key drivers and behaviours which enthused me to take my next step and also gain insights into how to balance my strengths against each other as well as interact with people with complementary strengths. I had thought I understood my personality very well having been through different assessments. But Antonia’s approach is really different. She really listens without judgement and exudes warmth and enthusiasm and fills you with positive energy. Though young in years, she is very balanced and self aware, which I believe are essential traits of a good coach. I wish her all the best in her coaching career.
Kaushiki Roy
Senior Consultant, Tregaskis Brown
{Antonia is incredible in how she tailors every development and coaching conversation. She has a unique way in helping people become intentional about their strengths and how they apply it in their daily lives. Antonia is a wonderful strength coach, and makes a positive difference in people’s lives.
Peter Ghanem
Senior Consultant Business Development, Gallup
{Once in a blue moon, someone enters your universe who you KNOW will have an immediate and long term positive impact on your Success, Happiness and Fulfilment in life and in business – Antonia is one of those individuals! Coupling unbelievable Energy with Coaching Insight and Creative Discovery through strategic or personal planning, Antonia has the potential to add value to any individual, team or situation. I cannot recommend Antonia highly enough, and look forward to supporting each other as our Dreams Come True!
Christopher Miller
Business Development Coach and Mentor, Christopher Miller
{Most often we focus on our weakness and want to get better at overcoming them. We random turn our attention to leveraging what strengths we might have. This is where Antonia steps in. As a Gallup Strength Coach, Antonia helps us focus our attention on finding the good in us. I did a strengths training session as part of my team development exercise recently and this has set me thinking about how to stay in touch with my core skills set. Through Antonia’s session, our team discovered individual strengths and how to use that to play to the team goals. I am intrigued to continue and definitely recommend doing a session with Antonia.
Divya Unnikrishnan
Principal Engagemnet & Communications Advisor, MBIE
{Antonia has a passion for helping people to know their strengths and using them to achieve results. She brings positivity, drive and clarity as part and parcel of her coaching strengths.
Matalena Leaupepe
Director, GCDR
{I can’t recommend Antonia highly enough! The Gallops Strengths coaching support she provides is invaluable to teams and individuals. Further her passion and enthusiasm for applying strengths in the context of Organisational Development is inspiring!
Leilani Tamu
Manager Pacific Policy, MBIE
{I was thrilled to receive strengths coaching as part of a wider team exercise to understand both my own strengths and how to work best with those in my new team. The Gallup model paired with Antonia’s energetic and inclusive style made the findings easy to resonate with and most importantly use as a tool for continuous growth. It’s a fun and enlightening process and Antonia’s enthusiasm for it is infectious!
Jess Molley
Designer, Designer
{Antonia has helped coach my business partner and I to improve the productivity and turnover of our small business. Her tools and advice for small businesses is inspiring, practical and powerful. She is wise, engaging and her enthusiasm and intellect make for many ‘aha’ moments when you work with her.
Gilly Buick-Constable
Small business-owner, Burlap & Bright Upholstery
{We have loved working with Antonia. She is professional and knowledgeable but most importantly takes a genuine interest in you and your development. We had our first team session recently and we all came away feeling super energised and motivated. Highly recommend Antonia as both a personal and team strengths coach.
Nicole Howarth
Head of Business Success, Frank Advice
{Antonia ran a Strengths workshop for my team and I. She worked with me to understand our context, needs and aspirations and then developed a workshop that was fit for our purpose and budget. Antonia has great energy and experience working with diverse groups of people. She had us all feeling comfortable, energized and open to engage within minutes of starting the workshop! I would highly recommend Antonia to any team who is looking to understand their individual and collective strengths and wants to use this knowledge to improve their performance.
Linn Araboglos
CEO, Wellington Community Trust
{I have been to a couple of workshops run by Antonia and I have always left impressed. Antonia manages to keep a good pace, makes topics interesting, is well prepared and makes learning fun. The vibe in her sessions are positive and intellectually challenging and I look forward to her next workshop.”
Paul Edwards
Senior Advisor, MBIE
{I would recommend Antonia to anyone seeking help with their career or life direction. She has helped me to uncover a new sense of purpose and value, and is a true coach (and friend).
Sally Wyatt
Economist, Sapere
{Antonia brings fresh insights and enthusiasm to the coaching world of CliftonStrengths, contributing to the global community. Her love of numbers and data enables her to make sense of a situation, then describe the trends in plain English. She is also thoughtful and caring as she inspires others to develop their own strengths. Antonia is a pleasure to work with and a good friend.
Richard Sterry
Manager Director, Releasing Strengths
{I’ve had some 1:1 coaching sessions with Antonia and would totally recommend her to anyone wanting to learn more about their strengths in the workplace. I now have a much better understanding of the core strengths I bring to my workplace and how to focus these, and also what I need to thrive. Antonia is a wealth of knowledge and such fun to spend time with – I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach
Kerry Cole
Senior Advisor, Ministry of Justice