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Strengths Virtual Discovery

Be your best so you can succeed today.

It’s time to champion you. Discovering your strengths helps you understand your best self. You can make the most impact by using your strengths to help you focus your day-to-day attention on things that you know you can perform, gain traction, and influence the world around you.

Are you keen to discover your strengths?  But don’t have the professional development budget to invest in professional one-on-one coaching for yourself?  This group workshop setting is ideal for you and incredible value for what you’ll get.  You’ll receive personalised tools and techniques for navigating your own strengths profile, a virtual workshop along with other like-minded individuals, and follow up resources to help you continue on your development journey. It’ll be a ‘lighter touch’ than one-on-one coaching with me, but participants will go away with lots of useful ‘homework’ they can pursue themselves to explore their strengths.

Don’t miss out. Spaces are limited! Target audience are solo professionals, contractors, managers and leaders in your field.

Tell your friends and workmates!

“Alone is hard.  Together is better” (Simon Sinek)

Virtual Workshop Dates

No more availability left in 2022.  Please contact me directly if you would like to enquire about future dates.

Virtual Discovery with CliftonStrengths Profile: Costs $299 per person

This includes: CliftonStrengths online assessment, Strengths Power Pack, interactive Zoom workshop, tailored follow up resources for you to continue on your strengths journey.

The science behind strengths

It’s more than just a personality test, CliftonStrengths unearths detailed understanding of your unique talents, specific insights into your natural power and edge, and how to collectively become a powerhouse of strength. Read more behind the science of CliftonStrengths.

What your strengths mean

Deep dive into your CliftonStrengths profile, what your talent themes mean, and learn how to apply these talents help you be successful in life and work. Read more about “What is CliftonStrengths and how do I use it?

Personalised profiles

Receive your very own personalised Strengths Power Pack, with useful one-pager visuals of your strengths profile.  Form an action plan that helps you succeed in any field or environment.

Acquire resources and tools

Access to the resource facility for all participants, with useful worksheets and tools for you to continue investing in your strengths (be it by yourself or with your team!).

{Antonia’s a wonderful facilitator and enjoys connecting people through strengths. She clearly loves what she does and her passion for teaching others and sharing her knowledge is awesome.
{Working through our strengths with Antonia helped my business partner and I understand why we bump shoulders where we do, and how best to structure our work to make the most of our individual strengths. It’s been hugely helpful! As a result we have a clear differentiation of tasks within our business and an appreciation of where our super powers lie.
EA to DCE, Heft Communications
{The balance of group conversation and smaller breakout room dialogue was really great. The personalised resources supplied in the lead up to the session were exceptional and were incredibly helpful throughout the day. I regularly reflect back on the resources and our team have used them collectively at group meetings several times.
Community Development Manager, Be Collective
{I highly recommend Antonia's Virtual Strengths Discovery Workshop. It offers a great introduction to Strengths with interactive activities that really make you think and help embed what you have learnt. I found everything so fascinating and wish the time hadn't passed so fast! The fact that Antonia is also such a lovely, passionate and caring facilitator is an added bonus too. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to continuing on my strengths journey using the excellent post-course resources Antonia provides. Thank you!
Nicole Howarth
Head of Capability, FrankAdvice
{You are amazing Antonia. Thank you for the opportunity to do this. I think the workshop is really good value for money and I'm so pleased I did it.
Jacqui Van Der Kaay
Consultant, Consultant
{Antonia ran a great taster session for my colleagues and I via Zoom. She facilitated well and gave us all opportunities to share our thoughts and feedback as well as time to converse with our colleagues to allow us to understand the team strengths and the tools we can use to develop these.
Community Development Manager, BeCollective