Coaching and Facilitation


Frequently asked questions

How’s your day going?

Great! Thanks for asking. How’s yours going?

Remote or In-Person?

The choice is totally up to you! Whether it be a team huddle in the office or a one-on-one remotely, all programs are customized to your needs. Learn more here. 

My organisation has strict procurement policies - how do I know if I can easily hire you?
  • If you’re not paying for the services yourself, you’ll need to get approval from your line manager or someone who signs off on budget decisions at your organisation.
  • I am on the All-Of-Government (AOG) consultancy services panel (Tier 3 Human Resources and Business Change categories), which makes it easier for government agencies to do business with me.  Proposals are as simple as filling in the template that you’ll have in your own organisation, and in this, we outline what services I will provide, the benefits, timeframes, and costs.
  • If you are not on the AOG panel, I will provide you with a Proposal on formal letterhead, which outlines the offer of services, timeframes, costs, for your approval and sign off.
How much do you charge?
  • I offer a variety of coaching packages – from one-off coaching sessions to more regular (e.g. weekly, fortnightly, or monthly) with unlimited email contact with me and ‘homework’ in between).  You choose the frequency and number of sessions you’d like. Coaching packages range from $450 to $5400; and workshop facilitation ranges from $2500 to $5400 (all NZD and exclusive of GST). Please get in touch with me to discuss your budget and needs and we can work through how I can best support you.
Do you provide a venue for away days/team workshops?

No, but I am more than happy to help support you find a good one.

Do you work with non-public sector clients?

Yes! The majority of my clients are from NZ public sector agencies (due to my own career background and networks), but I’ve had a variety of experience in coaching and facilitating workshops for NGOs, small businesses, faith-based communities and even family-friendly/parenting and local community groups.

Do I have to be in Wellington, New Zealand to work with you?

No! I work with clients across the globe and can communicate by email, scheduled calls and Zoom meetings.

I even run awesome Zoom workshops, designed to be interactive, engaging and fun. 

I am based in Wellington, NZ and I am happy to travel for larger projects (e.g. all day workshops). Travel expenses will apply.

How do you invoice?

Depending on our contract arrangement, invoices are usually sent out at the commissioning stage (you provide me with the appropriate email address and any Purchase Order reference number, if applicable). Payments due within 20 days of receipt of an invoice. If you would prefer a different cadence for invoicing, please let me know.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can view my cancellation policy here