What are some practical steps you can take these holidays to make sure you are actually recharging your batteries?


1. Listen to logic – and plan accordingly (like, plan for it now!)

You can’t afford not to.  I’m sure you’ve read much of the research and articles like this one about increasing rates of burnout in workplaces recently.

  • What will it take for you to actually start putting ‘rest’ on your to-do list?  What’s the cost (to you and others) of not doing so?
  • What are the consequences you face if you drop the ball on some ‘important work stuff’ (at the cost of rest, time with family etc). Plan for these things (think of it like ‘mitigation strategies’!)
  • Think of smart ways to take the responsibility off your shoulders over the holiday period, and actually have the kind of break you ideally want to have. For example, it might be as simple as putting your ‘out of office’ alert on at least a week before you ‘sign off’ for the holidays telling everyone that you won’t be responding to work emails over a certain date period (hey, if you’ve brave enough, you might even set up an auto-direct for them to all go into your ‘Trash’ folder (and perhaps just mention you’re doing this in your OOO alert!).  Anything urgent (like, really urgent) can be a phone call instead.  Come back from your holidays refreshed and with a clear Inbox! (you might even notice others may have taken care of stuff for you!)

2. Take notice

Remember the simple things that bring you joy. Notice where you’re at, and when you reach for that smartphone ‘to just check something’, remember to notice and be aware of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. 

3. Get curious

Curiosity is a catalyst for creativity and innovation.  Go get curious about new things that would normally pass you by.  Try reading different books, seek out a new experience, or ask more questions when you’re around others.

4. Be active

Make it a priority to engage in your passions and energy-enhancing activities.  Get some sunshine and Vitamin D (if you’re in the southern hemisphere, it’s summer time!)

5. Give your presence as well as presents

Give the gift of ‘being present’ with those that you love most, and will love you even more for doing just that.  Give your time, your finances, your presence – whatever you can give, do just that (cos giving has a tendency to fill our own buckets up).  Try https://thegoodregistry.com/ for Christmas gift ideas!

6. Connect

Connect with the important people in your life and accept help. Make deposits in your ‘memory bank’ that are real treasures.  Also, many of us are notoriously bad at ‘asking for help’, but try it, have a go. You’ll thank your future self for this.

P.s. I’m writing this to not only help others, but to hopefully help myself (I’m notoriously bad at (2) above!)  Now that this is the public domain, my family can keep me accountable!

About the writer:

Antonia Milkop’s mission is to ignite people’s potential so they can make more of a positive impact in their life and work. antoniamilkop.com