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Hi, I’m Antonia

You need an injection of ‘something’ in your life – your passion or motivation is there and you need a plan and trusted guide to help you make more of an impact.

  • You want your team to get along better together and collectively focus on the goals you want them to achieve, but you’re not sure how to make this happen.
  • You want to get better at the work you do.  Make a mark.
  • You might have just transitioned into a people management role and may be wondering ‘how on earth do I survive this?’
  • Or you may be seeking a promotion at work and want to put your best self forward for it.
  • Your “mojo” comes from the most obvious of places – yourself.  You just need someone to guide you to help release it from within.

I act as a catalyst

  • What if you just need a catalyst to help you move from A to B?
  • What if groups of people, enveloped with purpose and mission were to find ways to better work together – mahi tahi – can you imagine the kind of impact they could have?
  • What if you could work in your strengths-zone, working on things you love most, do best and that other people value in you the most?

Let go of who you’re supposed to be; embrace who you are” Brené Brown

Getting support from someone “outside of your own circle” helps fuel you into doing something about [insert challenge/opportunity here], keeps you accountable to yourself and helps accelerate what otherwise may take us years by ourselves.

“developed a workshop that was fit for our purpose and budget”

Antonia ran a Strengths workshop for my team and I. She worked with me to understand our context, needs and aspirations and then developed a workshop that was fit for our purpose and budget. Antonia has great energy and experience working with diverse groups of people. She had us all feeling comfortable, energized and open to engage within minutes of starting the workshop! I would highly recommend Antonia to any team who is looking to understand their individual and collective strengths and wants to use this knowledge to improve their performance.

Linn Araboglos, CEO, Wellington Community Trust

A focus on strengths

I support leaders and their teams to bring out the best in their people, and help them discover ways in which they can work better and produce better results.  I use creative and innovative methods as part of my individual service offerings.

“What will happen when we think about what is right with people rather than fixating on what is wrong with them?” (Donald Clifton, father of strengths-based psychology)

Do you or your team want to…?

  • Grow self-awareness of your own unique talents and strengths?
  • Appreciate the true potential and contribution that you or your team can make?
  • Learn how to apply and direct your strengths in work and life, or work through particular challenges and opportunities using strengths-based approaches?

I bring energy and inspiration to people and support them in finding a common language in the way they apply themselves to ‘mahi-tahi’, or working better together.  I have an excellent understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing leaders and come with a strategic lens and an inquisitive questioning style that helps open up mindsets and challenge status quos.

Everybody needs a coach

If you want to make more impact, lead a more fulfilling life, or want to help your team become more productive and engaged, then I am a good fit for you.

I help catalyze potential in individuals, leaders and teams to do what they do best and do it better together.

You’ll get results working with me.

You’ll be able to tackle some of those challenging issues or constraints you’re facing. 

You’ll help identify your own purpose, goals and vision for your own life/work/team – and more successfully drive towards achieving these outcomes.

My previous experience

I have 20 years of experience in a variety of roles across the public sector both in New Zealand and the UK (data, policy, strategic planning, service design, programme management and people management roles).  You can view my LinkedIn page to find out more about previous experience.

Some of my previous qualifications include:

  • Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
  • Certified MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) Foundation and Practitioner
  • BSc Maths and Psychology (first class honours) from Newcastle University, UK
  • Certified Parent Strengths Coach 
  • CIMs (Coordinated Incident Management System) Level 4 NZQA
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • G-Reg (Government Regulatory Practice Initiative), Level 4
  • Design Thinking 101, Victoria University
  • Group Facilitation Skills, Victoria University

Antonia is perfect for the job

Antonia is perfect for the job – you just want to keep hold of all the wisdom and knowledge she shares about strengths during your time together! 

Ella Martin, MBIE