Coaching and Facilitation

Workshop Facilitation

Just one day invested in your team, which could otherwise take a year to achieve in the office.

Come away from an away day I’ve facilitated and you’ll feel a deeper sense of purpose, belonging and motivation in your group to do your best work yet. 

Your bucket will be filled, you’ll be more focused on the things that matter, and you’ll have got to know your colleagues a lot better than before. 

Want to get everyone on the boat rowing together? Get them in the right places on the boat.

Bringing someone in to facilitate means you can actually focus on contributing

You want your team to get along better together and collectively focus on the goals you want them to achieve, but you’re not sure how to make this happen.  You need to find someone good to facilitate the time you have together so you can make the most of this time invested for your team.

I’ll work with you to design an agenda for a half-day or full-day workshop for your team, which fits the culture of your team.  I’ll ask you about your goals and the outcomes you’re wanting to achieve in bringing the team together.

Your job will be to bring everyone together on the day.  My job will be to facilitate the room and get everyone engaged via creative and innovative exercises, providing energy and motivation to support the team to collectively contribute to the outcomes for the day.

Virtual away days

Can’t meet up physically?  No problem.  

I can help you design a virtual workshop (Zoom is my preferred tool) and one that doesn’t feel like you’ve been staring googly-eyed at a screen for hours.  My online workshop methods are interactive and engaging and there’s lots of opportunity for discussion and breakout exercises throughout.  

Dare I say it…but sometimes online can be even more fun than IRL (in real life) as you can get through so much more in a shorter space of time!

“Fantastic facilitator!”

Fantastic facilitator!  Great session with the team on our Gallup strengths and Antonia provided us with some great insights and further food for thought.”

Michael Johnson, Director Strategic Initiatives, PHARMAC

Getting started

Working with me is a straightforward process, as easy as one, two, three!

Step 1

Book a 15mins Zoom consultation to find out more about how I can best support you.

Step 2

We’ll discuss the challenges and opportunities your team is currently facing and what you most want to get out of working with a facilitator.

Step 3

You’ll get a clearer idea of how I can best support you (or not), whether I’ve got the right ‘chemistry’ for your team, and how you can work with me to make more of an impact for you or your team.