Coaching and Facilitation


I have excellent recommendations that I know would pair perfectly with your needs. 

Hi, I’m Abigail Vink

My Favourite Clients

I love to work with public sector professionals at all stages of their careers, particularly people changing roles, wanting to improve their people leadership and/or women re-entering the workforce after a career break.

The Type of Work I Love

Coaching brings me joy.  I am calm, present and a great listener.  I offer people time and openness to explore new possibilities.  I love to support people to:

  • improve your people leadership,
  • enhance self-awareness and confidence,
  • articulate your strengths,
  • nail your job interview.

I work part-time during school terms, typically seeing clients on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  As well as individual coaching I facilitate team coaching and other group learning and development.  I work face-to-face and via zoom.  I understand the public sector well as I worked in policy/legal/diplomatic roles myself for over 7 years. 

Hi, I’m Sarah Cretegny

My Favourite Clients

I love to partner with extraordinarily unique individuals, groups and teams.

I have a heart for courageous entrepreneurs and global citizens who know what they want to do to positively change the world, and are looking for a coach to partner with to bring the plan to life in an authentic and sustainable way.

The Type of Work I Love

I bring a creative and intuitive approach to my Strengths Coaching practice, that adapts to the present needs of my clients. I seek to partner to unlock new thinking and intentionally leverage these discoveries to accelerate sustainable positive change that my client identifies as the most important and meaningful.

I will tailor each session to you and ensure you feel seen and heard. I will partner with you to find unique holistic solutions that integrate together many different insights.

I am based in Lausanne, Switzerland, so if you need a Strengths coach for a time-zone when New Zealand is typically asleep, I may be the right thinking partner for you.

I work largely during school term time, Monday – Friday, as my family come first in this season. You can see my availability here:

As well as 1-to-1 coaching, group coaching sessions, I also facilitate team gatherings.  I work via zoom, and face-to-face if my clients are near Switzerland, but I’m always open to travelling!  

Hi, I’m Ali Tocker

My Favourite Clients

My favourite clients are people in the Public Sector, private companies and For Purpose organisations who are motivated and curious about what else is possible for them and their organisation.

The Type of Work I Love

The type of work I love is coaching, either in person or virtually. I am a qualified and experienced Executive coach and am enjoying getting more into Team coaching as well as individual work. I also love facilitation with teams who are eager to learn and grow.


I am based in Wellington, NZ.

M: 021 285 9128
Ali’s LinkedIn


Hi, I’m Chris Miller

My Favourite Clients

  • Working with Small business owners in Wellington seeking a great life and a great business.
  • Health care practice leaders in New Zealand that want to build a great team and culture.
  • CliftonStrengths coaches worldwide intent on fulfilling their purpose and creating impact.

The Type of Work I Love

One on one coaching and mentoring that unlocks the potential of my clients and help them achieve results that they only dreamt of.   Integrating my knowledge and experience of strategic planning, personal performance coaching, work-life integration and strengths-based development in order to lift people’s aspirations and accomplishments.

Coaching/mentoring can be delivered face to face (if in Wellington) or over Zoom/MS Teams

Hi, I’m Gillian Brookes

My Favourite Clients

I love working with senior leaders who genuinely believe in the power and value of putting people at the heart of the organisation.

The Type of Work I Love

I am a flexible and remote work specialist. I offer training and mentoring to managers, teams and HR that is tried, tested and has a lasting, positive impact.

For one-off workshops and webinars, I can usually find space for those within one month. For anything larger-scale, I often need a longer lead-in time of around three months.

Hi, I’m Jo Fitzgerald

My Favourite Clients

I love working with leaders and teams (including teams of leaders) who are forming and transforming and want to work better together or with others.

The Type of Work I Love

I love working with leaders and teams to help them identify, understand, develop, and use their talents and strengths to achieve goals, work well with others, drive powerful change and do important things.

I also use other tools and structures depending on the team need, including the Emotional Culture Deck, the GROW model, the SCARF model etc.

Hi, I’m Renee Jaine

My Favourite Clients

People leaders and their teams – who want to improve team culture, mental wellbeing and performance.

Mid-career professionals who feel stuck and who want to have a positive impact!

The Type of Work I Love

I love conversations that drive change – whether those connections occur in a workshop, in coaching, or via deeper research / insights on the employee experience. I’m skilled at taking people from confusion to clarity to positive change, drawing on my background in behavioural science, management consulting and happiness studies.

I am based in Auckland, NZ.

Hi, I’m Roxy Steel

My Favourite Clients

I enjoy working with early to mid-career professionals who are looking to grow and develop themselves, either personally or professionally. Clients who feel stuck or are seeking change and want to reach their full potential. Clients who are committed to improving themselves and are open to trying new things in order to reach their goals.

The Type of Work I Love

I am passionate about working with my clients and helping them discover their strengths and potential. I love assisting clients who are feeling uncertain about their direction and using a range of techniques to help them reach their goals and become the best version of themselves.