They say when the student is ready the teacher appears. No matter how old, bright, knowledgeable or experienced we are, there are times in life when we feel a little directionless or simply too exhausted to take the next step. I was in that phase not long ago and Antonia appeared out of nowhere! Being a Gallup strengths coach, Antonia helped me find my top strengths and understand my key drivers and behaviours which enthused me to take my next step and also gain insights into how to balance my strengths against each other as well as interact with people with complementary strengths. I had thought I understood my personality very well having been through different assessments. But Antonia’s approach is really different. She really listens without judgement and exudes warmth and enthusiasm and fills you with positive energy. Though young in years, she is very balanced and self aware, which I believe are essential traits of a good coach. I wish her all the best in her coaching career.